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This SharePoint was created to receive expert review of the draft scores for nearly 400 species of fish that are being added to the FWC’s Species Ranking System. We are seeking reviews from anyone with knowledge of these species, including biologists, researchers, managers, and professional and recreational anglers.

 Instructions - PLEASE READ

The FWC's Species Ranking System provides an estimate of the imperilment of a species (or taxon) relative to others. The system was described by Millsap et. al in the monograph that is included in the Guidance Documents section below (Millsap). The system scores taxa according to three variables (biological, action and supplemental) each of which is made up of several categories. The scores for each category are summed to produce a total score for each variable. Total scores are used by the FWC to understand relative imperilment of ranked taxa. Additional guidance for applying this system specifically to fish and invertebrates is also included under Guidance Documents (srs_guidance). All the pertinent tables from the Millsap document can be found at the bottom of the srs_guidance document as well, so this is the primary document that reviewers will need. Please review the SRS_guidance document to familiarize yourself with the Species Ranking System before reviewing or commenting on the fish scores.


Tips: Because the system estimates relative imperilment, these scores should not be viewed as exact, but taxa within a similar range of scores should be viewed as having similar levels of vulnerability. This system does not consider specific threats to taxa or their effects on taxa vulnerability, but assumes that significant threats will manifest themselves in changing biological scores over time. Because the total score for each variable (biological, action and supplemental) is the sum of scores from multiple categories under each variable (see Millsap), minor changes to the scores in one or two categories are unlikely to result in a change in total score for any variable


After reviewing the guidance documents, you will find the draft scores under “Fish Scores for Review” (filename Master SPRANK 8-13-13). You may view or download this Excel file to your computer, then sort by Class, Genus, scientific name or common name to find the taxa you would like to review.  Because this is an Excel file (not a PDF) a login window may appear when you attempt to open the Master SPRANK file. No login is required, if asked to log in please just close the login window, repeatedly if necessary. No changes made to this file can be saved to this website.


If you would like to provide comments on or propose changes to the scores for any taxa, please use the “Comment on Fish Ranks” field at the bottom of this page. Click on “New” and complete the form that appears. For each proposed score change, please provide references that support your proposed change whenever possible. You will need to complete a separate form for each species/taxon. The form will allow you to submit changes or comments on up to 3 variables for each species/taxon. If you would like to propose changes to more than 3 variables for the same species/taxon, an additional form will be needed.


Comments may be submitted at any time, as the FWC reviews and updates Species Ranking System scores annually. Comments submitted before October 25 will be posted to the database in October 2013; those submitted after October 25 will be posted to the database in summer 2014.


If you experience difficulty with this website or the commenting form, please contact or

 Guidance Documents

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 Fish Scores for Review *No login needed, if asked for log in information just close the window, repeatedly if necessary

Master SPRANK 8-13-13.xls
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 Comment on Fish Ranks

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